comments from experts and leading sports personalities


“In a world, where young people have to face many challenges, Sports4Peace is needed more than ever. Both the philosophy and actions of this initiative promote pro-social behaviours, cross-cultural understanding, teamwork and fair play. These are required skills for the 21st century world. I fully support Sports4Peace.” Prof. Dr. Bill Michaelis, San Francisco State University – USA


“Sport makes us grow, teaches us to respect ourselves and others and helps us to build peace, through big events like the Olympics, but also through little everyday actions. Throw your dice and live for peace.” Stefano Baldini, marathon – Olympic champion, Italian



Besides Adolf Ogi, sports advisor to the UN-Secretary General on Sport for Developement and Peace, many personalities are patrons of sports4peace. Some examples:

  • E. Gehrer, Minister of Education (A)
  • L. Wallner, President of the Austrian Olympics Commitee (A)
  • K. Schweitzer, Secretary of State for Sport (A)
  • Ch. Wulff, President of Niedersachsen (GER)
  • K. Kleiner, University of Vienna
  • T. Sikora, Ambassador for Fairplay


R. Schumacher, H. Maier, A. Bellutti, Ch. Chiech, St. Baldini ecc.

Michael Walchhofer attending a Sports4Peace Event in Innsbruck