the three principles of a sports4peace activity


A Sports4Peace activity has a clear aim and relies upon three precise elements:

  1. Throw the dice together
    Consider what the actual Sports4Peace Rule means.

  2. Games and Sport Activity
    Apply the rule immediately.
  3. Time-Out for ,Golden Rings’
    Award each action, made in the spirit of Sports4Peace, with a „Golden Ring“, a Fairplay-Point ecc. and, if possible, create together a visible sign eg tie a net of peace.


the meaning of the ’golden rings’

The ‚Golden Rings’ are an essential element of Sports4Peace. They recognise achievements and demonstrate the benefit.

additional elements

Big Sports4Peace events are an opportunity to tangibly contribute by raising funds, which are used to promote a ‚culture of peace’ and solidarity. Social projects which you can contribute to are suggested by Sports4Peace.